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Great event in Garrison Tomorrow!

Business and career coach, author, and launching expert Dr. Debra Condren is coming to Garrison on Wednesday, February 21 at 6:30 p.m.!!!

Dr. Condren interviewed 500 women for her new book amBITCHous: (def.) a woman who 1. makes more money 2. has more power 3. gets the recognition she deserves 4. has the
determination to go after her dreams and can do it with integrity. Morgan Road Books~Random House.

amBITCHous is an book.

amBITCHous will also be featured in Elle?s April 2007 issue.

Wouldn't it be great if you could be audaciously ambitious and happy at the same time? You can, and you will.

Ambition is a virtue. Ambition is the best of who we are.

The real way to have a great life is to see ambition as a part of your value system that you must give equal attention to along with other priorities you hold dear, including your spouse, your children, and your friends. In Ambitchous, Dr. Condren offers fresh, powerful tools for reclaiming your dreams.

Her 8 Ambitchous Rules provide concrete, innovative solutions to the everyday struggles we as women face, like taking credit, deflecting detractors, and handling confrontation, so that you can become more powerful and fulfilled at work and more satisfied at home. You can redefine your ambition in the face of social sanctions and unapologetically go after your dreams without sacrificing the rest of your life.

You owe it to yourself and the world to make the contribution you were born to make. Debra Condren will show you how to do it.

Dr. Debra Condren,a psychologist, a business and executive coach and career advisor, and is the Founder and Executive Director of the Women's Business Alliance. Dr. Condren received a U.S. Small Business Administration's "Women In Business Advocate of the Year" award in 2000. Her client roster includes a diverse list of Fortune 500 companies, and a wide array of entrepreneurs, executives, professionals, and students between
the ages of sixteen and sixty.

Her advice has been featured in major media outlets including the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, BusinessWeek, CNN's Paula Zahn Now and NPR's Morning Edition.

The cost of the event for Ongoing Ladies Who Launch members is $20, nonmembers are $40, and $60 at the door. Your admission cost includes a copy of her new book, amBITCHous.

Please RSVP and send payment via paypal to The event will be held in Garrison, please email for directions.
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