Christian (poppoppop) wrote in westchester,

Great Trailer For Touring Bands! An amazing price!

Selling this sweet trailer. It was bought new at Home Depot 2 years ago for $2200. It's been on 2 tours.

In it, you can fit :

2 complete drum sets (with cases)
3 Guitar Cabs
4 Guitar Heads
5 Guitars (with cases)
2 Basses (with cases)
2 Random Combo amps
2 Big boxes of Merch
Over 10 big bags full of clothes.

.. basically it's enough room for 2 full bands to lug all their gear in a tour. It gets tight with 2, but it works well. It would be WAY more than enough room for one band.

I'm asking $1200 or best offer. Email or comment me if you're interested!

I highly favor using Paypal, but you could also send me a money order or meet me with cash.

The Trailer is currently located at my drummers house in Keansburg, NJ. If you decide you want it, you can paypal me the money and feel free to just roll up to Keansburg and take it off his driveway. All that can be worked out very easily. The cover over the left wheel is a little loose, but a couple screws will make that good as new.

So yeah, let me know.
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